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Hello Online Community & Fellow Bloggers,

Charles here from HWA Carpet Cleaning.
We hope you enjoyed our previous blog and that it provided very useful information. It does go to show how to avoid the “dodgy” cleaning companies and how to choose the real Professionals to get the job done properly.

In today’s blog we will be talking about Carpet steam cleaner machines.

At team HWA we not only provide a steam clean but we also provide dry cleaning service, and we will let you know the best method on how to tackle your carpets or rugs and tell you the advantages and disadvantages. Don’t worry because at Team HWA we will always suggest the best method for you, the client and provide you with the honest opinion and the limitations.

Getting back to the point of talking about the carpet cleaning companies, you will want to follow the similar steps as to our last post but more importantly but you always have to keep in mind, that cheaper is never always the best cleaning, always hire someone who is fully trained, accredited, and they follow the Australian standard, are they insured, do they have positive reviews so you know you can trust them, and that they can do the job properly, do they provide more than one cleaning option, such as dry or steam.


DON’T DIY Carpet Cleaning

With the hiring of a carpet cleaning machine we like to tell our clients and everyone to stay away from them, why?

Because you may think your going the cost effective option, to save time and you probably think it does the same job as a professional clean but in fact it’s the opposite. Let me explain why:

The Problems you may face:

  1. You may apply to much detergent and you’ll find it will get really sticky after the clean, and once it dries out you’ll find that after a couple days or weeks you’ll see that the spots may have re surfaced or you’ll find that the carpets weren’t cleaned much at all compared to a professional standard.
  2. You may find that the machine did not recover the water waste and that the carpets will be wet for a couple days which can cause mildew, bacteria, and other carpet damaging effects.
  3. To go there pick up the machine figure out how to use it, apply the detergent, and then run the machine to clean the carpets (which you have to move slowly for to get the best out of the machine) and that can take 3-4 hours out of your precious day, when after all time is of the essence for all of us, but when you hire a professional they will take an hour or a couple hours (depending on the size of the job) and you will the get best care and quality for your precious carpets. After all we do want our carpets to be clean and not let it get dirty as then it is harder and less successful for your carpets to be as good as they once were.

Thanks again for reading HWA blog and you gained something out of this.

Please stay tuned for more.

~ Charles


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