Why choose HWA Carpet Cleaning (Subiaco)

In this blog I’m going to explain a little about HWA Carpet Cleaning.

Firstly we are a family owned business and we care about YOU!
We offer multiple service to cleaning your carpet like:
Steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning.

Our Process of cleaning carpet is very interesting when you learn how to clean it Properly.
from when I first got into carpet cleaning, I thought it was a one spray cleans all the carpet! And you then run you wand over the carpet and hey presto its clean.. but I was so far from the truth.

After learning and taking  carpet courses and joining the Carpet Cleaning Association of Western Australia is when we really took off and really learned how to properly clean carpets to a high quality standard and following the Australian regulations AS/NZS 3733:1995

We aim for top quality carpet cleaning. We don’t go for anything less as we pride ourselves on quality and setting HWA from the competitors.

We don’t get into cheap carpet cleaning because cheap carpet cleaning reduces quality. Like the saying goes good service isn’t cheap but cheap service isn’t good. BUT
we are very affordable for a top quality service and impeccable results. So we do offer value for Dollar spent. And your not feeding a big company, your looking after a Western Australia local economy family business. So we really value all of our clients and take real value to  customer service.

We have multiple steps and such an eye for detail from when we do a Professional carpet cleaning.
the first step being the Pre Inspection. That ranges from seeing existing damages, tears, burns, seem loose. We will then inform you of the outcomes and possible risks that may be involved. As we like to set the expectations and be realistic. After all if you haven’t cleaned your carpets in over a few years it will be very very difficult to getting it back “like new” conditions again. So that’s why we say you should clean your carpets every 6 months at the minimum or at least annually at the most.

Secondly is the Pre Vacuum with our state of the art up right HEPA Filter turbo brush vacuum designed specifically for cleaning the dry soil out of your carpets in the most efficient and safest manner possible.

In our future blogs I will explain more of our process.


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