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G’day, its Charles here from HWA Carpet Cleaning, in this blog we will continuing on from our last blog and talk about carpet cleaning Perth.

We love what we do and have such a passion for carpet cleaning Perth, in fact so much so that I continually research, learn, adapt, find newer ways to develop a more thorough clean for you and aim to achieve extremely high results. Given my background, I have always had to find new ways to adapt and evolve and thus I continue to do this with Carpet Cleaning Perth

My Friends and Family would often laugh about how much I continually talk about carpet cleaning and educate them regarding the intricate process.

I’ll pick up the process from where I left my last blog.

A thorough pre vacuum of your carpet is important, this is where the dry soil removed prior to a deeper clean and must be done to such a high standard otherwise the carpet cleaning itself won’t be as effective and there will be residue dirt left between the fibers. If you don’t vacuum before (with some carpet cleaners opting not to do) the carpet cleaning result would be a poor result, as the entire process really relies on the dry soil removal otherwise any carpet cleaning solution just won’t effectively clean the fibers properly. If a carpet cleaner was to only spend a few minutes vacuuming a room, then they just isn’t doing the job and taking massive shortcuts. I believe it’s important to take your time and to let the brush heads really get into the fibers, whilst this takes longer, the results far outweigh the cost of the extra time spent on the carpet.

So after all that has been completed we then pretreat some of the spots that we know will be tough to clean, these include everyday stains from a number of different sources. We have such a variety of spot removers (not like the supermarket cleaners but I won’t dive too much into that as it will get confusing and I don’t want you to try some of our methods as one method might work for one fiber but will completely damage another fiber, such as wool. That’s why we love doing my research so I know how each solution will react to a spot on a certain fiber and when treating I have full confidence in the spot treatment. Lastly we  have to know about the carpet backing, this is the material under the carpet that binds it all together, backing requires completely different treatment to the carpet fibers themselves and this is a different story which i wont dive into right now.

If you would like to know more about our carpet cleaning process stay tuned for our future blogs. I will be explaining the process, of goals as a company, our values, and my experience as a carpet cleaner in future blogs.

Thank you, Charles Paino-Povey.

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