Background about the family business – Vacate Cleaning Perth

G’day Charles here again from HWA Carpet Cleaning.

HWA Carpet Cleaning is, as I always like to say, a family run business.
The administrative and management staff is made up of the 3 brothers (including myself) who run the whole operation through undertake the tasks of providing the services, online marketing, and financial bookkeeping.

There is also assistance provided by our Mother, Catherine who helps drive us to fine tune our process and handles customer bookings and the scheduling of rosters, and lastly Mark (the father) who is the mastermind behind the whole company.

In today’s blog I’ll be discussing about the various aspects we cover and offer as a business. One of our most commonly booked services, is Vacate Cleaning Perth.
This includes the cleaning of a house once the furniture has been removed (in most cases, but there is exceptions and depends on customers’ requirements) and is getting it a deep-level clean that will allow it it to be returned to the landowner if a rental, or to be up for sale if moving out.


HWA Carpet Cleaning operates under the branch of HWA Corporation, therefore, not only do we cover carpet & upholstery cleaning but we also offer, tile & grout cleaning, regular house cleaning, residential property maintenance, commercial and apartment cleaning.

This means we like to boast ourselves as a One-Stop-Shop for all your Domestic Household Servicing needs. So, rather than spending time looking at one booking by one business and then finding another service, from a different company, with us you can just call the one person which will be a member of the Family Business to answer the phone and they can assist you with your matters.
Over the phone we can discuss the nature of the services you require and the costs involved.
If we don’t cover that particular service and depending on the ask will seek out and find a solution to your matter.


There are many vacate cleaning companies out in Perth, how do you choose the right one you may wonder? well to choose the correct one would of course be us 😉 but let me help provide a couple of the most important questions to consider when searching for Vacate Cleaning Company:

Q1. Consider how good is their reputation; do they have negative reviews or very helpful and accurate reviews?

This is very worthwhile reading into to make sure they can supply a good and honest job and not cut corners on you.
Q2. Have they been in business over a couple years?

This one is a interesting one as people always start out and try to undercut everyone’s pricings and use the cheapest products which often leads to a bad job hence why some don’t last very long in the business.
Q3: Do they have the proper qualifications and experience for the job?

This can be asked by considering whether or not the workers / contractors of the business are properly identity checked and approved.
Q4: Do they have Insurance coverage in case of any accidents?

This is important as after all, mistakes can be made whenever humans are involved and due to a vacate clean involving the cleaning of personal property, it is best to have a business with safety / insurance in case of any mis happenings.


We have given you some background about the organizational structure of our family business, a list of the extensive range of services we provide and also, what we consider as the most important questions to ask when searching for the right business to provide you with a Vacate Cleaning Service!
We hope you enjoyed the information.


HWA Carpet Cleaning

~ Charles

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